Yorkshire Profiles seeks to re-shore from abroad expansion with investment into UK site

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Yorkshire Profiles Ltd carried out it’s latest business expansion during April 2020 as part of its ongoing plans to support the manufacturing community in Britain. The latest expansion provides a larger laser cutting capacity allowing the company to reduce its prices and offer shorter lead-times without compromising on quality.

The machine allows the company to process a wider range of metal thicknesses at a quality unachievable by most fibre laser cutting companies in the market. This is due to the Amada patented “Locus Beam Control”. 

“We carefully selected the Amada Ventis laser for its ability to cut quickly and to provide an edge quality like no other fibre laser on the market. This allows the beam to be manipulated into a variety of cutting shapes rather than the traditional straight line.” Says Managing Director, Matthew Halliwell.

“Our main priority was to source a Fibre laser which could consistently cut with a high edge quality, which all other lasers seemed to struggle with until the Ventis came along.”

The machine has a relatively high level of automation. It uses a single lens, has a 16 station automatic nozzle changer and a scrap conveyor. There is also a material automation tower for large bulk orders on the Ensis fibre laser for processing very high volumes of thinner components.

The company aims to position itself to allow many other UK businesses to re-shore from China, the EU and the USA by being price competitive whilst still providing the quality you’d expect from a UK enterprise.

Yorkshire Profiles provides high-quality metal cutting and fabrication services nationwide from 0.9mm to 25mm material thicknesses. You can find out more at www.yorkshireprofiles.co.uk

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